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Ginger Bell is an Edumarketing Specialist! In her most recent best-selling book, she shares how to use your knowledge to create an Edumarketing plan and position yourself as the expert in your field.

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Ginger shares her Mastering the Art of Edumarketing secrets in Success Breakthroughs, a book she co-authored with Jack Canfield and other business professionals. Purchase your signed copy of her most recent book and you'll receive guides to help you create your own Edumarketing Plan! Create your Edumarketing plan by downloading Ginger's book giveaways!

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What You'll Learn

Target the Right Audience

Our Edumarketing Quick Start Guide gives you the simple steps you need to determine where to get started on your Edumarketing plan.

Educate Your Customers

Our Edumarketing Delivery Channel Guide explains channels like YouTube, Webinars, Learning Management Systems and more. Simple easy to follow steps guide you through what you need to know to get started.

Identify Your Expertise

Learn from Ginger Bell, Edumarketing expert, as she shares tips on how to create an Edumarketing strategy to attract new customers and educate existing customers.

Cut the Fluff

Learn the quick and easy steps you can take to start utilizing your expertise in your marketing plan that will deliver immediate results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can these guides really help me develop an Edumarketing plan?

Absolutely! In these guide, we share and describe the tactics we use every day to help our clients develop and implement Edumarketing in their business. Regardless of your marketing or training development experience, you'll find the insights and examples you need to create your own Edumarketing Plan.

I work in a specialized industry. Will these tips be applicable to me?

The characteristics of Edumarketing are universal. No matter what kind of work you do, you'll discover strategies you can immediately put into use to position yourself as the expert in your field.

What is Edumarketing anyway?

Edumarketing combines two words:

“Education” + “Marketing” = “Edumarketing”

Edumarketing means to use education to market yourself while educating your prospects, existing customers, and business partners about yourself, your expertise and your business. 

It is really a very simple concept. Edumarketing is combining education with a marketing plan to deliver Edumarketing. 

Where did you learn these tips?

We have over 20 years of experience creating and developing education based marketing for our clients. From writing white papers, to newspaper articles, to webinars, to complete online education platforms, we've done it all and with great success! We have helped hundreds to realize the power of their expertise and utilize this strength to create Edumarketing programs that bring them customers for life!

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